Alma mater white & rose

New semi -sweet and frizzante wines

Alma mater are two new wines from Viñas del Bierzo. Semi sweet, frizzante, fruity, flowers and... freshhhhhhhh!.

Made with Mencía grapes (Rosé) and a mix of Godello a Doña Blanca (white), Alma Mater are a young and very expressive wines. Soft and fresh.

Welcome to a world of sweet and fresh sensations!


New Valmagaz

Our awared wine has got new packaging

Our well know brand VALMAGAZ (red, rose and white) has got a new packaging to commemorate its 25th anniversary. New label, bottle and carton but the same good quality wine, awarded several times and well scored by Peñín and other reputed wine publications. 


Naraya: New label & packaging

Our first brand is renewed

Naraya was our first brand and was create to honor the village were our cellar was established, in 1963. Now, we present the new Naraya, with a new bottle, carton and label, as a tribute to the "Camino de Santiago", wich runs through our winery, and to the thousands of pilgrims that cross our doors every year.
Under this brand Viñas del Bierzo bottles Red & rose Mencia wines and white wine.