1963 - 2013 ... 50 años de historia



Viñas del Bierzo was stablished in 1963, and is the first cooperative wine cellar in Bierzo. 100 members were the beginners of this "family". Actually we are more than 900. 

For more than 50 years our cellar has being making quality wines under the control of the  Denominación de Origen Bierzo.

The winery, located in Camponaraya, close to the main to the main Bierzo village, Ponferrada, has enough capacity to store more than 10 mill. lits. of wine. Actually we produce about 4 – 5 million lits / year.





Early  80´s, our cellar is one of the first members of the Bierzo Original Denomination. We install our first bottler and we began to produce our first bottled wines: Naraya, our most traditional brand.  "Valmagaz", "Marqués de Cornatel" and our most rewarded brand:  Gran Bierzo.

Later, in the 90´s we create  "Fundación 1963", a very exclusive  "reserve" wine to commemorate our 40 anniversary; We increase our brands, our vineyards and our members.

1963 - 2013: 50 years!!

This year we become 50 years old, and we want to celebrate it!. New brands and products ("Ardayel" sparkling wine, "Limonada", body beauty line "Divinvm"); More and new services to our members and costumers, new shop and resting area.... New and modern instalations, more stainless steel  tanks, new steel hoppers, computerized process, exhaustive quality controls...

2013: we reach 50 years....  we still writing our histoy.